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Bolt-A-Plate/Best•Kote solution chosen for high cover, aggressive environment

December 11, 2013


AIL’s Bolt-A-Plate with Best•Kote Polymer Coating recently proved to be the best option for a fish passage/stream enclosure under the new section of New Brunswick’s Fundy Trail Parkway expansion.

Due to the aggressive environment, the structure was originally expected to be made from our corrosion/abrasion-resistant Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate, but the higher 12 m (39.4') cover required the strength of steel. Our Bolt-A-Plate with Best•Kote Polymer Coating delivered both the added strength and the desired protection.

Best•Kote provides over 75 years of design service life
Ideal for aggressive environmental conditions, Best•Kote Polymer Coating provides superior corrosion/abrasion protection and long-term durability for AIL’s Ultra•Cor, Super•Cor and Bolt-A-Plate structures. It’s an economical solution for an extended service life and offers 360˚ protection to all or part of a structure.

The coated plates for the 80.41 m (264') structure were delivered to the remote location on two flatbeds with the aluminum fish baffle inserts and hardware on a third. Plates were colour-coded for ease of storage and assembly in the ravine-like site.

Long Beach 041_Resize Long Beach 061_Resize  Long Beach 236_Resize DSCF1218_Resize

Extremely heavy rains had flooded the site just before construction began, but once underway the project was completed in four weeks — two weeks each for plate assembly and engineered backfill. An AIL representative was onsite to ensure all proceeded as planned.

Integrating a world-class “Signature” destination area
The completion of the Fundy Trail Parkway will establish a scenic coastal link between Saint John, Sussex and Moncton while integrating the Fundy Trail, Fundy National Park and the Hopewell Rocks into a world-class “Signature” destination area.


Name: Long Beach Brook, Stream Enclosure
Location: Fundy Trail Parkway
Engineer: A.D. Fiander and Associates 
General Contractor: Gulf Operators 
Assembly Contractor: Atlantic Underground Services 
Product: Bolt-A-Plate Structural Steel Plate with Best•Kote Polymer Coating 
Application: Fish Passage/Stream Enclosure
Dimensions: 4.54 m (14') Diameter; 80.41 m (264') Length
Installation time: Two weeks for structure assembly, two weeks for backfilling 

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