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AIL Recognizes 210 Years of Service

February 17, 2012


Left to right: Greg Landry (5 years), John Sirois (15 years), Wayne Chappell (40 years), Mike Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, AIL Group of Companies, (30 years), Roger Leger (25 years), Morris Carter (15 years), Teddy Wheaton (15 years), Bernice Shea-Doiron (25 years), Rob Groslouis (10 years), Wendy Alder (5 years), Laurie Harrison (5 years), Bryan MacLean (5 years), Mike Spencer (5 years). Behind the camera: Peter Mesheau (5 years) Absent from photo: Monica Lielasus (5 years).

Atlantic Industries Limited (AIL) recently thanked 15 exceptional employees from our Dorchester, NB head office / manufacturing facility, by presenting them with Service Awards.

Together, these hardworking individuals have committed more than 210 years to the AIL family, and have helped with our many successes.