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Speedy Big R right for Utah’s Accelerated Bridge Construction

November 1, 2009

Speedy Big R right for Utah’s Accelerated Bridge Construction

Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated Steel Bridges from AIL’s Big R Bridge have always been known for their speed of delivery and installation. Now, they are part of the Utah Department of Transportation’s Accelerated Bridge Construction Program (ABC) – the future of bridge construction in the State. Utah’s ABC Program has been created to decrease impact on the traveling public, increase the quality of the State’s bridges, and increase safety.

Modular sections and precast concrete decking for faster installation in the field.

Under the ABC Program, this Prefabricated Steel Bridge, on a secondary road to the Rockport Reservoir in Summit County, was designed and pre-engineered by Big R Bridge and then pre-fabricated at the Greeley, CO facility. Standard 10.8 cm (4 ¼") galvanized steel structural decking was used and finished with an asphalt overlay. In concert with their work in the ABC Program, Big R has also developed a system of precast concrete decking as a speedier solution. Big R Bridge manufactures modular sections that allow for rapid installation in the field. These bridges are ideal for public works applications, as local crews using on-hand equipment can typically place the superstructure in one day. Superstructures can be fabricated with square or skewed ends to suit any site conditions. Spans from 4.9 m (16') to over 45.7 m (150') are available in any width.

Save money and time.

Discover AIL’s Big R Bridge difference:

  • Nationwide custom bridge provider
  • Broad range of bridge products and services
  • Wider spans offer more economical, environmentally-friendly designs
  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures install fast for reduced road closure time

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