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AIL designs and supplies Quebec’s largest wire-faced crusher wall

November 29, 2012

Bloom-Lake(web1)Cliffs Natural Resources is a major global iron ore and coal producer with significant operations in Canada. As part of their Bloom Lake Phase II expansion project to double the iron ore mine’s annual capacity to 16 million tons, AIL was contracted to design and supply a large crusher wall. In fact, it is the largest wire-faced crusher wall in the province of Quebec. 

Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls: economical and fast

Perfect for remote locations with available fill material, the Vist-A-Wall (Wire Wall) interlocking system is made from heavy-duty galvanized wire to provide easy, onsite construction solutions without the need for time-consuming concrete. 

This project required a very fast delivery. By addressing the site-specific soil specifications and the final wall layout early in the design stage, we were able to quickly progress to the manufacturing of the wire mat and face components and schedule material deliveries to keep pace with the project. 


The client was pleased with the result and is considering using our Wire Walls in other applications in the Bloom Lake Phase II expansion.


Project Name: Bloom Lake Phase II, Crusher Wall
Location: Fermont, QC
Owner: Cliffs Natural Resources
Consultant: CIMA+
Contractor: RCI, Rénald Côté Inc.
Product: Vist-A-Wall, Wire Wall
Dimensions: 1760 m², 21 m high
Installation time: 6 weeks (start to finish)

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