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Bolt-A-Plate with Best•Kote best choice for Muskoka culverts

November 30, 2015


In Ontario’s busy cottage country, road closures can rock the boats of more than a few Muskokans. The region bore the brunt of severe flooding in 2013, with a state of emergency being declared. Barkway Road, home to this project, was closed for a full two weeks. In 2014, the deteriorating culvert at this site finally failed during another severe storm.

Larger, longer-lasting culverts needed
Clearly, an up-sized solution was required to accommodate these types of hydrologic events. Projects partners opted for larger twin Bolt-A-Plate culverts from AIL with our optional Best•Kote Polymer Coating to protect against the site’s aggressive water/soil conditions for a full 75 years or more.

+75 YEAR design service life with Best•Kote Polymer Coating
Considered the future of structural plate performance, Best•Kote Polymer Coating can be used on all or part of our structures to enhance their performance and extend their design service lives under harsh or corrosive conditions. Best•Kote is a two layer system that offers 360 degree protection applied to individual components through an electrostically-bonding process.

bolt-a-plate-structural-culvert  culvert-structural-plate-polymer-coating

Choose Bolt-A-Plate for medium and small applications
For a strong, effective bridging alternative, Bolt-A-Plate is the product of choice for highly economical bridge and drainage construction, replacement or relines. It is available in our widest variety of shapes and sizes: Standard, Low or High Profile Arches; Rounds; Horizontal or Vertical Ellipses; Pipe Arches; and Pear Shaped. Wide-bottomed Pipe Arches were used on this project to maximize the flow capacity.

Back to those road closures — in this case it was limited to four weeks, despite complexities around diverting the stream and preparing foundations.

Project at a glance:

Name: Barkway Road Culvert Replacement
Location: Gravenhurst, Ontario 
Owner: Town of Gravenhurst 
Contractor: Fowler Construction  
Engineer: C.C. Tatham and Associates Ltd.  
Product: Bolt-A-Plate Structural Steel Plate (Pipe Arches with Best•Kote Polymer Coating)
Application: Culvert Replacement
Dimensions: Span 4.37 m, Rise 2.87 m, Length 18 m
Assembly TIme: Average of two days for each structure

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