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‘The Big Pipe’ that was made and delivered in 24 hours for Cape Breton washout

October 26, 2016

On Monday night, October 10, an ‘unprecedented’ 225 mm of rain fell on Cape Breton Island as the tail end of Hurricane Matthew passed by. While the deluge was still in progress, AIL contacted senior officials at Nova Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (NSTIR) to advise that we were on 24/7 stand-by to help with any issues.

Polymer-Coated Box Culvert replaces failing NL concrete bridge

August 15, 2016

Constructed in the early 1970s and refurbished in the late 1980s, the old concrete bridge over Northeast Brook in Trepassey, NL was undeniably a candidate for full replacement by 2015.

Trail bridge/abutment package restores Calgary washout

August 15, 2016

The unprecedented Alberta floods of 2013 caused over $700 million in damage and displaced over 100,000 people. Griffith Woods Park, part of Calgary’s expansive riverside trail network, lost three bridges in the extreme weather event.

Ontario project ‘good-to-go’ for over 75 years with Best-Kote

August 8, 2016

Officials with The Municipality of Tweed, Ontario recently took a longer-term view on their Bogart Road bridge replacement project. Initially considering a modular steel bridge, they moved to AIL’s Super•Cor Box Culvert solution with Best-Kote Polymer Coating for the haunch sections and base channels only. Minimal cost over a 75+ year design service life was the main reason.

AIL employees support Fort McMurray wildfire relief

June 14, 2016

Across Canada, in every manufacturing plant and office of Atlantic Industries Limited, AIL folks have colleagues friends or relatives affected by the devastating wildfire that ravaged parts of Fort McMurray.

AIL, Vist-A-Walls and Grid-Strips go to great lengths on Edmonton interchange project

May 12, 2016

The City of Edmonton’s QEII Highway and 41st Avenue SW Interchange project opened to traffic in late 2015. The partial cloverleaf interchange carries busy 41st Avenue over Blackmud Creek, the QEII and a major rail corridor. Following several major installations in Western Canada using AIL’s Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System, Atlantic Industries Ltd. was the specified supplier for three false abutment walls on the road/rail overpass portion of this project.

In-stock aluminum arch, precast footings accelerate BC washout fix

May 11, 2016

In McBride, BC, a pair of old culverts had collapsed impeding a salmon-bearing tributary of the Fraser River. This eventually caused an access road to wash out, exposing the village’s main sanitary line to its sewage lagoon. Due to the danger of that 40-year-old asbestos/concrete pipe also failing and the time crunch of an approaching winter, quick action was needed.

Sound Barrier integrates with existing LRT guideway in BC

April 25, 2016

The Evergreen Line is an 11 km extension to the existing SkyTrain system in Vancouver, BC. Scheduled to complete in early 2017, it will connect Coquitlam City Centre through Port Moody to the Lougheed Town Centre Station in Burnaby. Due to residential towers being developed near that station’s elevated guideway, a lightweight sound mitigation solution was required that could be easily be integrated with its existing railing structures.

Emergency solution part of rush culvert replacement on BC’s Highway 99

February 3, 2016

Highway 99 is the main route south from Vancouver to the USA. Shutting down two lanes of traffic for an extended period of time would be a disaster for this highway. And that’s exactly what BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (BC MoTI) officials were thinking when a large sink hole suddenly appeared due to a failed culvert.

Traffic keeps rolling as BC GRS Bridge installs in just eight days

February 3, 2016

As part of a major re-alignment on a forestry service road about 30 km west of Mackenzie, BC, the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations needed to find a quick, economical and environmentally-friendly solution to replace two smaller failing culverts. An AIL Geotextile Reinforced Soil (GRS) Bridge proved to be the perfect solution.

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