Dur•A•Span Box Culverts keep low profile in Ontario project

August 29, 2012

DAS-view2(250)When very low-rise culverts were needed to connect an industrial development’s stormwater system to an overflow pond on the other side of a busy highway, AIL designed and supplied a set of Dur•A•Span Aluminum Structural Plate Box Culverts to fit the bill. 

Significant grade and hydraulic requirements called for very low and very wide culverts – a format that could not be easily achieved with concrete boxes. 

The owner, consultants and contractor were more accustomed to using concrete products, so time was required up front to demonstrate the benefits of aluminum over concrete — lighter weight, lower cost, faster installation, to name a few.  


The project brought some unique challenges: 

The AIL Technical Sales Representative’s clear communication with all parties and diligent on-site assistance helped ensure a successful outcome. 


Project Name: James Snow Parkway Bridge
Location: Highway 25 and James Snow Parkway, Milton ON
Owner: Municipality of Halton
Consultant: Genivar / AMEC
Contractor: AECON
Product: Dur•A•Span Box Culverts with Type II and Type IV Aluminum Reinforcements
Dimensions: Span 3.96 m, Rise 0.91 m, Length 35.25 m
Installation time (start to finish): Two weeks