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AIL Group’s walls support East Dallas Veloway, Phase 2

May 1, 2010

AIL Group’s Precast Panel Walls are looking great under the the East Dallas Veloway (or Santa Fe Hike and Bike Trail, to some), a pedestrian/cycle trailway that runs through Dallas.

AIL’s Precast Panel Walls support Dallas Veloway.The wall structures have a total area of 6,756 m2 (22,165 sq. ft.) and were built to provide embankment approaches at major street crossings within limited right-of-way for the Trail. The wall design featured undulating curves and smart-looking brushed aluminum safety railings that tied in well with their counterparts on the handsome bridges from our sister company, Big R Bridge. An Ashlar Stone texture was selected for the precast panels, as a natural-looking deterrent to graffiti vandalism.

Wide variety of options to meet your needs.

To meet many architectural or environmental requirements, precast panels are available in a variety of sizes, colors and textures, as well as custom designs. With AIL’s project-specific, engineered approach, the fascia panels are prefabricated to ensure quick delivery and easy attachment. AIL’s Precast Panel Wall System uses precast panels with galvanized steel wire mats to reinforce a retained soil mass. This technically-sound and well-proven system is composed of alternating layers of soil reinforcement and select backfill to create an extremely stable reinforced structure that is easily adaptable to meet the structural and aesthetic demands of today’s infrastructure projects.

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