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Eastern Ontario township chooses Super•Cor for the sixth time

November 9, 2016


The Township of North Glengarry – about halfway between Ottawa and Montreal on Highway 417 – is now home to its sixth AIL Super•Cor project in recent years. It seems they like working with a proven project partner with efficient engineered solutions like Super•Cor – lightweight, strong and easy to ship and install in rural locations with local crews.

The perfect package – investing in the future
In this case, the Township was particularly future-focussed as they had us package up a solution that will provide them with over 75 years of worry-free service thanks to:

  • A Super•Cor Box Culvert with superior open-flow properties to prevent flooding
  • Best•Kote Polymer Coating to extend the service life in harsh conditions
  • Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Walls with a low-maintenance Wire Wall finish


Full project cycle collaboration – it’s the AIL way 
AIL was involved in the full project cycle to ensure its successful outcome:

  • Design
    We worked with the Consulting Engineer to supply the most effective geometry as required by the flow area and grade elevations, as well as the RSS wall requirements.
  • Bidding
    We supplied information to the bidders on the project concerning installation procedures and budget costs.
  • Pre-Construction and Production
    Once the tenders closed and the contract was awarded, we worked with the contractor to ensure that the drawings were produced and approved, and that the materials were ordered, manufactured and delivered to site on schedule. We supplied additional information to the contractor in advance to be sure they understood the scope of the installation and backfill procedures, as it was their first project with us.
  • Construction
    We were on site to assist with best practices during the Super•Cor and Wire Wall installation and backfill processes.

North Glengarry’s six Super•Cor structures ranged in spans of 7 m to 15 m. We also provided them with a Modular Vehicular Bridge solution in 2015.

“When faced with a mounting number of concrete structures to be replaced or rehabilitated, we had to find a more economical way to address these issues in order to make our available funds work for us. That said, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality or lifecycle. The Super•Cor structures provided us the ability to deal with multiple projects and eliminate liabilities in a timely manner. They were easy to install with decreased service interruption and are easily maintained over their long service life.”

     - Ryan Morton, Public Works Director from North Glengarry

Project at a glance:

Name: Lochinvar Bridge on Lochinvar Road
Location: Between Alexandria and Vankleek Hill in North Glengarry Township, ON
Owner: North Glengarry Township 
Engineer: Greer Galloway Group
Contractor: Arnco Construction & Excavation 
Product: Super-Cor Box Culvert with Best-Kote Polymer Coating and Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System (Wire Wall with cobble facia)
Application: River Crossing 
Box Culvert Dimensions: Span 11.02 m, Rise 3.13 m, Length 11.5 m
Headwall Dimensions: 125 square meters, maximum height 4.27 m
Installation Time: Three days for Super•Cor assembly, after footings were poured and cured