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In-stock aluminum arch, precast footings accelerate BC washout fix

May 11, 2016


In McBride, BC, a pair of old culverts had collapsed impeding a salmon-bearing tributary of the Fraser River. This eventually caused an access road to wash out, exposing the village’s main sanitary line to its sewage lagoon. Due to the danger of that 40-year-old asbestos/concrete pipe also failing and with the time crunch of an approaching winter, quick action was needed. 

Time to call AIL
We had an inventory of Dur•A•Span Aluminum Arches at our Armstrong, BC branch. This project was given priority in our Engineering and Drafting departments and we were able to run a design check and deliver drawings in 10 days. We cast the footings and delivered them with the arch components 10 days after that.

Corrosion/abrasion-resistant Dur-A-Span Aluminum was perfect 
The new structure had to be open bottom to meet fish passage requirements but also have enough soil depth above and below the sanitary sewer line. A permanent solution was required that would not suffer the same corrosion failure.  

rres-graphic  corrugated-steel-pipe-arch

Lightweight and easy to handle
The assembly of the structure went smoothly. The aluminum plates proved so light and easy to handle that the crew of local day labourers didn’t need to use a crane or excavator to fit them into place.

The Village of McBride and the consultant, McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd., expressed how happy they were with AIL's support. A McElhanny representative commented:

"AIL responded quickly with design and ultimately the delivery of the crossing to the project site. They reviewed the specifications in detail with us as well as useful tips for installation and common mistakes to avoid. With this information in hand, site installation went quickly, a critical factor with the time of year for construction. The site visit during the initial stages of plating was extremely helpful and avoided any assembly delays. Given the proximity to Christmas this service was very much appreciated."

Project at a glance:

Name: McBride Lagoon Arch 
Location: McBride, BC
Owner: Village of McBride
Engineer: McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd.    
Contractor: Local day labour
Product: Dur-A-Span Arch with Precast Concrete Footings
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: Span 4.3 m, Rise 2.2 m, Length 19.2 m 
Installation Time: Three weeks

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