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In-stock Atlantic Arch saves the day in BC washout

February 1, 2013

Tillicum(250)When heavy rains washed out an aging culvert cutting off a residential neighbourhood in Vernon, BC, The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure needed to find a solution quickly. An assortment of pre-engineered, in-stock Atlantic Arches in our nearby Armstrong yard made it possible for us to offer immediate delivery and on-site assistance.

Open-bottomed design prevents future flooding 

The failed 2 m round culvert was replaced with our 3.658 m open-bottomed Arch allowing for a much better hydraulic flow to help prevent future flooding. Atlantic Arch stocked sizes range from 1.2 m to 4.2 m spans. The structure was shipped in nested sections with 16 rings assembled on site and placed on the cast-in-place footings in less than a day. The contractor supplied the cast-in-place headwall and wingwalls on the upstream end.

Tillicum3(250)Corrosion/abrasion-resistant Dur•A•Span 

Atlantic Arches are made from Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate, which the client had never used before. Once made aware that it was corrosion/abrasion-resistant and that it had been successfully used in over a thousand installations worldwide, they were convinced. In fact, they were so pleased that they decided to use it for another culvert project.


Project Name: Tillicum Culvert Replacement|
Location: Vernon, BC
Owner and Consultant: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure
Contractor: Argo Road Maintenance
Type of Product/Application: Atlantic Arch (Dur•A•Span)
Dimensions: 3.658 m span x 1.893 m rise x 22 m length
Installation Time: Two weeks (start to finish)

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