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AIL designs North America’s largest structural plate stockpile tunnel

June 1, 2011

Osisko(web250a)Malartic, Quebec, is home to a massive gold mine development. Touted as their flagship property, the excavation site is owned by Osisko Mining Corporation.

At AIL, we’re BIG on mining! So, we were very excited when Osisko chose us to design and manufacture a new record-breaking stockpile tunnel.

Super•Cor conquers concrete
Stockpile tunnels are built to withstand extremely heavy loads, and for years concrete has been the product of choice. When our team suggested an alternative, that was equally strong, easier to install and more cost-effective, we understandably raised a few eyebrows. However, our impressive project portfolio quickly reassured the client.

Extreme strength and unusual proportions  
AIL’s design team overcame many challenges to complete this project. We knew engineering North America’s largest stockpile tunnel would be complex, but the task was further complicated by the unusually large hopper openings. With its deep-corrugations and lightweight construction, Super•Cor had the needed strength to get the job done.

We encased the Super•Cor tunnel with our concrete-reinforcement rib system. Then we maximized the structure’s load capacity by constructing reinforcing arches around the hopper openings. This innovative system provided the strength needed to support the structure.  

AIL has since completed several other tunnel projects on Osisko’s Malartic mine site.


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