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NL town installs six Box Culverts over 24 years

November 12, 2014

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Portugal Cove - St. Philip’s is one of the biggest municipalities in Newfoundland and Labrador, spreading over 56 square kilometers along rugged coastal terrain known for putting big demands on roads and bridges.

Bridge replacement product of choice

Portugal Cove - St. Philip’s is also really big on Super•Cor Box Culverts, installing no less than six of them in the past 24 years — the oldest of which are still performing well and staying off the maintenance departments’ radar. No wonder, Super•Cor continues to be the Town’s product of choice for efficient bridge replacements, with the latest two structures being installed this fall.

Limited traffic interruption

Both the Dogberry Hill and Harding’s Hill structures were replacements for aging bridges. Disrupting traffic flow during the replacements was a major concern. However, by using easy-to-install structural plate, traffic was passing over these structures again just a few days after assembly began.

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As usual with AIL solutions, we provided the engineering consultant with technical assistance from the preliminary design stage through to construction, so we had a good understanding of the scope of work and the timelines expected. Once material was delivered we also provided on site technical assistance to the contractor to ensure a hassle-free installation in… well… jig time.

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Project-at-a- glance

Project Name: Town of Portugal Cove - St. Phillips Bridge Replacements

Owner/Location: Portugal Cove - St. Phillips, NL
Engineer: EXP

Product: Super•Cor Box Culverts

Application: Stream Crossings
Installation Time: Assembly and backfill, five days for each structure

Dogberry Hill

Contractor: Cougar Engineering & Construction

Dimensions: 6.5 m span x 2.38 m rise

Harding’s Hill
Contractor: Modern Paving 

Dimensions: 7.34 m span x 1.85 m rise