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Ontario project ‘good-to-go’ for over 75 years with Best-Kote

August 8, 2016


Officials with The Municipality of Tweed, Ontario recently took a longer-term view on their Bogart Road bridge replacement project. Initially considering a modular steel bridge, they moved to AIL’s Super•Cor Box Culvert solution with Best-Kote Polymer Coating for the haunch sections and base channels only. Minimal cost over a 75+ year design service life was the main reason.


Design versatility was also a factor
Our solution also offered a number of other benefits for the tight site with limited right of way, elevation change, curve alignment and some anticipated settlement, including:

  • A low-profile structure with minimum cover requirements to meet grade
  • An open-flow design for improved flood resistance
  • Ability to accommodate some differential settlement 
  • Flexible Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls to follow curve and maximize width of roadway
  • Bridge surface has same low-maintenance as adjacent roadway

Another successful project with the AIL touch
The AIL Team worked closely with the consultant from the design concept and proposal stage to investigate the options. Once the project was tendered and awarded, we worked with the contractor to ensure that the drawings were produced and approved, and that the materials were ordered, manufactured and delivered to site on schedule. We had a representative on site to provide technical assistance to ensure all went as smoothly as possible. It seems they did, as we have worked with the same municipality-consultant-contractor team on subsequent projects.

Coatings Image1 Web

Canada building on Europe’s success with Polymer Coated Plate
Coatings on steel are proving to be the way of the future in our industry, with different types of coatings and processes for the various products available. In use since the early 1970s, many are familiar with the enhanced performance that the Polymer-Lamination process adds to Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP), but fewer are aware of the 75+ years of service that the newer Polymer Coating System delivers to structural steel plate in aggressive environments.

Polymer Coatings have been in use in Eastern Europe since 1990, with over 30% of plate structures now being coated. Our AIL Group European Licensee has been part of that action, breaking new ground with many successful installations in their portfolio. Polymer Coatings have been in use in Canada since 2005, with many installations from AIL. An AIL team presented a technical paper to the Transportation Research Board in 2013. A decade of positive results and third party scientific testing in Canada have concluded that Polymer Coating is more effective in aggressive environments than Hot-Dip Galvanized, Aluminized Type 2 or Polymer Laminate. 

Project at a glance:

Name: Bogart Road 
Location: Near Tweed, Ontario
Owner: Municipality of Tweed 
Contractor: Crains' Construction Ltd. 
Products: Super•Cor with partial Best-Kote, Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System (Wire Walls)
Application: River Crossing
Box Culvert Dimensions: Span 17.2 m, Rise 3.9 m, Length 10.7 m
Wire Wall Dimensions: Maximum Height 5.5 m, 280 square metres
Installation Time: 2.5 weeks, including backfilling and constructing walls

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