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Innovative crusher wall installation avoids extra costs

December 1, 2010

When AIL was contracted by Dufferin Aggregates to design and manufacture a crusher wall for their Flamboro Quarry, our team had to look at the project from all angles.

In a typical dump wall installation, the crusher is set in an excavated pit on the quarry floor. However, this site’s water table was too close to the quarry floor and expensive pumping systems would have been required. Our engineers worked with the client to develop a more efficient solution.

AIL rises to the occasion with a customized design

We designed a truck ramp using our Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls. The double-wide, double-sided ramp allowed the crusher to be installed in a shallower pit without going below the water table. The client was also able to use on site materials for all fill and cobblestone face requirements, which saved significant time and money. The crusher wall covered a total area of 380 square metres (height 8.5 m, length 55 m) and was built entirely by Flamboro’s crew.
AIL’s finished  Vist-A-Wall crusher wall at Flamboro Quarry Dump
This project coincided with the quarry’s seasonal shutdown, so finishing on time was key. With precision planning and prompt manufacturing, the Flamboro crew easily installed the crusher wall in the time allotted.

A cost-effective and efficient solution

“AIL’s wall design offered both a cost-effective and efficient solution to our challenge,” explains Alex Caruana, Flamboro Quarry Production Engineer.

“The wall construction was efficient since we were able to construct it entirely using on-site material, with equipment and labour readily available during our seasonal plant shutdown. Overall the wall looks good and fit the application perfectly.”

Owner and contractor -  Dufferin Aggregates, , a division of Holcim (Canada) Inc.