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Ontario reline sees the light with Dur•A•Span

May 1, 2010

An aging Haliburton County culvert needed to be relined to extend its service life without the increased cost, traffic interruption and environmental impact of a full replacement. The municipality was considering various options and materials for this effort, but AIL’s proposal had a brighter light at the end of its 24.7 m tunnel. It was the glowing performance attributes of AIL’s Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate.

Dur•A•Span StructuralAluminum Plate for culvert reline.No installation worries with tough, self-healing surface.

With Dur•A•Span, the contractor didn’t have to worry about scratching it during handling and insertion - a key concern with the extra handling required for a reline insertion. That's because Dur•A•Span’s tough, self-healing, oxide surface film reforms immediately if it is mechanically damaged or corroded in aggressive softwater or saltwater environments.

The Pipe Arch was our PA6-18 design with a span of 5 m and a rise of 3.2 m. Construction took only a little over a week, starting on November 24 and completing on December 4, including grouting.

Go the distance with Dur•A•Span

Dur•A•Span Aluminum Structural Plate has been going the distance - through many years of wet/dry, corrosion/abrasion cycles in over 10,000 structures worldwide - beating the usual heavyweight contenders, like precast concrete, on overall performance and cost. And now, thanks to our innovative design advances and reinforcing rib technologies, Dur•A•Span can go even farther (and wider) to outperform all challengers.

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