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AIL introduces Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions

April 4, 2013



Smaller bridge, stream crossing and culvert projects are now faster and more economical with the introduction of Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions—the latest of several innovations recently developed by the AIL team. 

Accelerate structural plate bridge and culvert projects

Packaged Solutions bundle our most popular structural plate shapes and sizes with all the precast components needed to complete your project—MSE Headwalls and Wingwalls, Coping, Collars, Footings, Leveling Pads and more—all inventoried and ready to quick-ship to your site.

Pre-engineered, complete with stamped drawings

AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions are fully-integrated with all components designed to install quickly and easily with local crews and light to medium hoisting equipment.


AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions offer:

  • Single-source convenience, reduced management time
  • Faster shipping and installation with local labour
  • Standard-sized Arches, Box Culverts and Rounds
  • Integrated Walls, Coping, Collars, Footings and Leveling Pads
  • Fully-stamped structural design in compliance with highway design codes
  • On-site construction/installation support

Helping you save time and money on your projects

AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions are expected to revolutionize the construction and replacement processes. AIL President, Kenzie MacPherson, comments, “Strategically, we saw a great opportunity to help our customers fast-track their smaller plate bridge and culvert projects, saving time, money, road closures and environmental issues.”


Several structure shapes and sizes available with precast components

Along with the our Engineering Team, AIL Vice President of Sales, Jason Sherwood, was instrumental in bringing the Packaged Solutions product to market. “Research helped us narrow the offering to a dozen standard-sized Arches, Box Culverts and Rounds in Super•Cor, Dur•A•Span and Bolt-A-Plate, respectively.” Jason adds, “Our close working relationship with our partner, MSE Precast Ltd, was instrumental in developing the corresponding Vist-A-Wall Panels, Coping, Collars, Footings and Leveling Pads.” Customers can select whichever precast components they need in the à la carte offering.

Learn more about AIL's Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions with this handy, durable guide—perfect for the project manager's glove box. Simply e-mail us at ail.ca and we'll mail you a copy or click here to download the brochure (PDF format). 

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