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Quebec culvert reline good for traffic and budget

April 4, 2013

reline(web3)When an aging culvert near Compton, Quebec needed replacement, Transports Québec opted to save time and money with a custom culvert reline from AIL. Thanks to the well-coordinated efforts of all parties involved, the new 3810 x 2413 mm Bolt-A-Plate Pipe Arch was a perfect fit—installing in just 12 days with no road closures or excavation work required.

Excellent communication was key

Designing and sizing the new structure to best fit inside the existing one was job #1. After the contract was awarded, the contractor carefully measured the existing culvert, so AIL could optimize the new structure to be as large as possible and allow maximum flow through the pipe. 

AIL’s engineering drawings tell all

With those measurements, AIL’s Engineering Department designed the structure and prepared a full set of drawings to manufacture, assemble, insert and finish the new structure. The drawing notes also recommended the best method for proper grout filling between the old and new culverts, through our integrated ports.


AIL’s reline packages can help salvage older storm sewer, culvert or bridge structures and avoid the cost, safety and environmental issues of full replacements. Typically these custom-fit inserts are made to order from Bolt-A-Plate, Dur•A•Span or Corrugated Steel Pipe, according to the size and application requirements. Ask an AIL Representative how you can save time and money by relining older structures.


Project Name: Reline – Ponceau Chemin Vaillancourt
Location: Compton, Quebec
Owner: Transports Québec
Consultant: Cima+ (Sherbrooke)
Contractor: Pavage Abénakis
reline(web2)Type of Product/Application: Bolt-A-Plate Structural Steel Plate / Reline
Dimensions: 3810 x 2413 mm Pipe Arch
Installation Time: 12 days (start to finish)