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Rapid response maintains factory spur line in Nova Scotia

November 25, 2016

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Torrential rains associated with Hurricane Matthew had accelerated the inevitable collapse of an older stone culvert on a spur line serving a Michelin Tire plant. Critical rail shipments could have been interrupted without a replacement culvert supplied very quickly. It also had to meet current fish passage requirements from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

All-aluminum fish passage designed, fabricated and delivered in five days
Atlantic Industries Limited designed, fabricated and delivered a nifty all-aluminum Fish Passage Solution made from Corrugated Aluminum Pipe with Fish Baffle Inserts and Corrugated Headwalls – all in just five days. This included approval from the consultant. 

Easy-to-install solution installs in three days 
Designed for fast installation, the new culvert was in place with the rail bed restored just three days later. 
In this short construction window the rail was cut, the site was excavated down to 9 m, the headwalls were fitted to the pipe halves, the two assemblies were lowered into the site and joined, and the completed culvert was backfilled up to the rail line elevation.

spur-line-culvert-replacement aluminum-cuvert-with-fish-baffle-inserts

Solid aluminum was specified because of the DNR requirement to provide a water-tight joint between the fish baffles and the pipe without degrading a coating surface. Aluminum-on-aluminum welding eliminated that concern and yielded perfect joints. The integrated cut-off walls prevented water infiltration around the exterior of the pipe and greatly accelerated the installation process, without the need for concrete.

culvert-washout-emergency-replacement stream-crossing-culvert-replacement

The owner, Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway, was very appreciative of our prompt and professional service.

Project at a glance:

Name: Oxford Spur, Culvert Replacement 
Location: Alma, Nova Scotia
Owner: Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railway
Engineer: Strum Consulting Ltd.
Contractor: Gordon (Buck) MacLean Excavating Ltd.
Product: Aluminum Corrugated Metal Pipe, Aluminum Fish Baffles and Aluminum Headwalls
Application: Stream Crossing Culvert Replacement
Dimensions: Diameter 1.8 m, Length 30.32 m 
Installation Time: One day for culvert; three days total