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Kennedy GO Station goes with AIL Sound Walls

November 29, 2012

Scarborough(web1)When Metrolinx needed to install a sound mitigation solution around their Kennedy GO Station in Scarborough, ON, they decided to go with an economical Tuf-Barrier solution from AIL Sound Walls. The new reflective sound barrier wall system replaced failing wood and concrete walls adjoining the station platform.

Lightweight PVC solution perfect for narrow site

AIL Sound Walls are lightweight and easy to hand-install with reduced need for lifting equipment. This was a great benefit for this very narrow worksite with limited access.

Footings adjusted for poor soil conditions 

AIL Sound Walls can adapt to a variety of footing methods, according to the project’s requirements. This site’s poor foundation soils called for larger-than-normal, two-stage poured footings. 

AIL Sound Walls are available for both reflective and absorptive sound mitigation applications and offer several key benefits:

  • Lower installed costs
  • Meets accelerated test requirements for durability
  • Impervious to rain, snow, ice and sleet
  • Will not rust, rot, or stain
  • Maintenance-free
  • Designed to meet AASHTO, CSA and EN noise wall guidelines
  • Wind load tested up to +140 mph (+225 kph)


Owner: Metrolinx
Consultant: SRM (now GHD)
Contractor: Loc Pave
Sound Wall Sub-Contractor: D.F. 2000 Fence Inc.
Type of Product/Application: Tuf-Barrier® (Reflective) Sound Barrier Wall
Dimensions: 2.75 m by 70 m (Total Area 193m2)
Installation time: 9 days, including foundations (start to finish)

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