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Springhill bridge abutment is first Canadian installation to use AIL’s new Grid-Strip Soil Reinforcement System

January 17, 2013

Springhill-MSE(WEB250)A bridge abutment for a double rail crossing at Springhill Junction is the first Canadian installation of AIL's new Grid-Strip™ Soil Reinforcement System.

AIL designed and supplied 472 m2 Vist-A-Wall Precast Panel Walls for Dexter Construction, the general contractor on the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal project. 

The site was characterized by poor foundation soils, so the abutment structure included 18 steel piles inside the face. The Grid-Strip™ System’s versatility to space or articulate around the piles, made AIL Vist-A-Walls™ a perfect fit for this project.  

With its standardized width and wire size, the Grid-Strip™ System makes all types of Vist-A-Walls™ easier to design, inventory and construct – saving valuable time and money on projects.

_MG_6865_rtch-2(WEB)Pilings and other obstacles are easily accommodated, as the panels can be ordered with additional anchors and the Grid-Strips™ can be spaced and skewed around the piles. The system also adapts well to unusual wall geometries and tight corners, as in this acute-angled abutment.

AIL’s Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems™ are easy to install using local equipment and crews. They adapt well to curves, angles and steps and can reach heights of over 30 m. Vist-A-Walls™ are available as Precast Panels Walls in a variety of textures and colours, or as Wire Walls with natural stone or vegetation at the face. For areas where excessive settlement is anticipated but precast panels are desired, AIL offers a Two-Stage Precast Wall system.

For more information on AIL Vist-A-Walls™ and the Grid-Strip™ System, contact us today.