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Super•Cor Box, Vist-A-Walls team up on NL bridge replacement

February 17, 2015

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AIL recently won the contract to design and supply a Super•Cor Box Culvert and Vist-A-Wall Wingwalls on a concrete bridge replacement project in Gander Bay, NL. The successful bid was the culmination of an extensive lead-up effort with the project partners, and a good illustration of how we work with them through the full project cycle.

Working with the province
At least a year before the tender call, AIL had been working with the NL Department of Transportation and Works to help them determine the most suitable type of solution for the concrete bridge replacement over Barry’s Brook. It was determined that a box culvert geometry would best meet the required span, rise, end area, and height of cover for the finished grade.

Working with the bidders
Like most public tenders, it’s a short window from the tender call to the bid closing. Contractors are busy, and with limited time to prepare their bids, they need reliable information going in. We communicated with all four of the bidders equally to help them establish their costs. They were all fairly experienced with Super•Cor Box Culverts and, as a result, the bids were close. 

Working with the workers
The low bidder, Mike Kelly & Sons, selected us to design and supply the box culvert and wingwalls. Since we had worked on the project from the outset, we understood the full scope of work and were well poised to hit the ground running, with helpful scheduling information and site supervision.

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Province’s Modular Panel Detour Bridge also deployed to this site
The Province had purchased a Mabey Modular Panel Bridge, from our AIL Group sister company Algonquin Bridge, and had deployed the re-usable unit to this site as a temporary detour solution.

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Our photographer must’ve had a fish-eye lens on for this one, LOL.

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Name: Barry's Brook Bridge Replacement
Location: Gander Bay, NL
Owner/Engineer: NL Department of Transportation and Works   
Contractor: Mike Kelly & Sons
Product: Super-Cor Box / MSE Walls / Algoninquin Panel Bridge
Application: Replacement Stream Crossing
Super•Cor Box Culvert Dimensions: 11 m span x 2.4 m rise x 13.8 m length