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Super•Cor structures add another layer of protection in ‘The Fort’

September 5, 2011
CNRL_new(web250)The AIL Mining Team was contracted to design and supply Super•Cor “protection” structures to an Oil Sands mine site, just north of Fort McMurray, AB. The structures were designed to protect pedestrian and vehicular traffic from debris (belt peel-off) falling from overhead conveyors.

Unique design challenges

In this application, our engineers were faced with some very unique design challenges. In addition to the typical mine site requirements, the structures also had to conform to the various building codes. A comprehensive 3D analysis also produced more than 700 reactions that were used in the structure and foundation designs. 

A moveable asset

As mine sites are often on the move, these structures can also move with them, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint and a better bottom line for the owner.

Contact us to learn how these structures can protect your most valuable assets for years to come.

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Location: Oil Sands mine site, North of Fort McMurray, AB 
Consultant: AIL Mining and CBC Engineering (retained by AIL Mining)
Solution: Super•Cor Arches
Inside Span: 11.940 m
Inside Rise: 6.528 m
Length: 9.144 m
End Area: 62.89 m²
Loading: Impact and Climatic
Purpose: To protect vehicles, pedestrians, and equipment (Wiggle, Wagons and Cranes)