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Super•Cor Box Culvert replaces BC bridge, relieves flooding

November 12, 2014

BC bridge 1 

A narrow bridge on Bulman Road in Kelowna, BC, was frequently closed due to high water levels and flooding in Mill Creek. The City needed to find a fast and economical replacement with an open flow design that would not disrupt the sensitive fish habitat during and after construction.


Improved hydraulics of open-flow design

AIL’s structural plate box culvert was selected as an economical and expedient solution that would allow for better flow rates and keep the construction activity out of the stream bed.

The perfect size for the job

The box culvert’s 9.06 m span kept the contractors well out of the stream bed as they lifted the pre-assembled segments onto prepared footings. The structure’s 2.05 m rise, kept a low profile and shallow cover to align with the road grade. And, its 16.8 m length was sufficient to provide a separate pedestrian walkway that the previous bridge didn’t have.

 BC bridge 3 BC bridge 4

Our engineering and manufacturing departments worked closely with the project partners to ensure it was delivered on time.  Meetings with the owner’s contractor and engineer after project completion confirmed both parties were pleased with how smoothly the project went.

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Project-at-a- glance

Project Name: Bulman Road Bridge Replacement
Location: Kelowna, BC
Owner: City of Kelowna
Engineer: True Consulting Kelowna
Contractor: Colmar Construction
Product: Super•Cor Box Culvert with Gabion Basket Headwalls
Application: Stream Crossing
Dimensions: 9.06 m span x 2.05 m rise x 16.8 m length
Installation Time: Two weeks to assemble and backfill