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The AIL Group of Companies: engineered for growth

June 1, 2011

The year 2011 has ushered in accelerated growth for the AIL Group. We’re expanding existing operations, moving into new markets, and launching new products.

What global growth means for our customers:

  • Access to a world of expertise: Our engineers have worked on some of the most successful and largest infrastructure projects in the world.
  • Cutting edge technology: We’re leading the industry in product innovation driven by customer needs.
  • Customized value-added solutions: We’ll spend time engineering the best solution and support you through all construction phases.

Our Companies are leaders in infrastructure development:

ail_logoAtlantic Industries Limited, Canada, Kenzie MacPherson, President
World leader in engineered solutions and support in structural plate, retaining wall systems, corrugated pipe and modular steel bridges.

Big_R_logoBig R B Bridge, US, Cameron Klein, President
Largest prefabricated steel bridge manufacturer in the US providing engineered solutions in structural plate, corrugated pipe and retaining walls.

t&b_logoT & B Structural Systems, US, Paul Hollis, President
Specialists in MSE retaining wall systems providing technical staff and engineering support on the most challenging jobs.

AIL INT'LAIL International, Stephen MacKinnon, Vice President
Our international division works with our strategically located licensees and partners to provide engineered solutions worldwide.

Together, we offer unparalleled service and products to clients around the globe.

The AIL Group’s Senior Management Team

The AIL Group is lead by accomplished professionals with over 100 years of experience between them:

Mike Wilson: Chief Executive Officer
Brian Muir: Chief Financial Officer
Peter Mesheau: Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Stephen MacKinnon: Vice President, International Operations

The Group operates from a new corporate office in Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada.

With innovation driving our success and an executive team in place, the AIL Group of Companies is truly engineered for growth as a world leader in infrastructure development.

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