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Trans Labrador highway rolls all the way on AIL products

November 1, 2009

The multi-year project to build the Trans Labrador Highway, connecting Southern Labrador with Central Labrador through 280 km of virgin wilderness, is nearing completion. Phase III of the mega-project started construction in 2004, with a total of 10 contracts for sequential sections being tendered. AIL is pleased to have been selected for every contract, with over 14,000 m of Corrugated Steel Pipe, and 600 m of Bolt-A-Plate and Super•Cor engineered structures being installed.

Map of Trans Labrador highway

The project was built from either end to meet in wilderness in the centre, so materials had to be shipped to two different locations. The south location was by truck and the north location had to go by truck, boat and truck again, before it got to the jobsite.

AIL up for the challenge

Scheduling raw materials, production and shipping was a challenge in meeting the customer’s needs, especially considering the four-month construction season due to the northern climate. AIL’s Deer Lake plant would make the pipe runs as per the highway design, mark the pipes for each destination and then have to nest up different size pipes before it was shipped.

The owner of the project is the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador and the highway was designed by the Department of Transportation and Public works. Project partners were Johnson's Construction of Pasadena, NL, for nine sections, and North Links Construction of Happy Valley, NL, for the remaining one.

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