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Versatile Vist-A-Walls make the grade in Saskatoon

February 17, 2012

image001_rtchAs part of the large scale Circle Drive South project in Saskatoon, AIL was contracted to design and supply 7,900 square metres of our Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System for use in 15 locations to create grade separations, bridge abutments, access ramps, wingwalls, and backwalls.

Two-Stage System chosen for soft foundation soils  

Challenging geotechnical conditions in localized areas led us to recommend our Two-Stage Precast Wall System. The system allows for the reinforced soil area to be preloaded while construction on the bridge abutments and approaches continues. The second stage of the system (the precast panel face) is added on its own levelling pads once the desired settlements of the area are achieved. 

Optimized procedures for year-round construction

With an accelerated schedule to contend with, an all-season backfill material was utilized.  This ‘winter fill’ optimized the contractor’s installation schedule by allowing year-round wall construction.

image003_rtchNew panel marking system speeds up work on site

Today’s construction projects demand improved material performance and the concrete used in precast panels is no exception. With a heavy use of winter road salt in this area, we value-engineered this project to use a higher performing mix only in the areas where the salt would be a factor.

An imbedded, colour-coded, plastic marking system (see inset) saved valuable time by helping the contractors to easily identify the different types of panels and adhere to the project’s QA protocols.

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Scope: Provide MSE walls, backwalls, and false bridge abutments for grade separation project.
Product: Vist-A-Wall Two-Stage Precast Walls: 7,900 square metres
Location: Saskatoon, SK
Owner: City of Saskatoon
Owner Consultant: Stantec
Contractors: Graham-Flatiron (joint venture) 
Contractors Designer: AECOM, Wardrop/Tetratech