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Prefabricated Bridges

Large or small, our bridges are value-engineered for your budget.

Strong, yet lightweight, our bridges are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated to ship and install quickly with local crews and equipment. Whatever your requirements we have the right bridge for you.

Vehicular Modular Bridges

Can be placed in one day with locally-available equipment, reducing installation costs and road closure time.

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Modular Panel Bridges

Available for sale or rental, Modular Panel Bridges are ready to quick ship and assemble for a wide range of temporary or permanent applications.

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Big R Modular Steel Pedestrian Trail Bridge from AIL

Pedestrian Bridges

Our custom-designed bridging solutions can be tailored for today’s pedestrian and leisure needs. 

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Vehicular Truss Bridges

Accelerated solutions in a variety of attractive truss styles.

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Signature Bridges

Make a bold architectural statement and leave a lasting legacy. With decades of experience, the Team will bring your design vision to reality—and at an affordable price.

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Big R’s Tunable Bridge from AIL, spans up to 120 m (400’)

The Tunable Bridge

Lightweight, easy-to-install, and very attractive, The Tunable Bridge is a structural hybrid with clear spans of up to 122 m (400').

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Golf Course Bridges

Golf Course Bridges

Prefabricated golf cart bridges for quick installation and aesthetic appeal.

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Portable Detour Bridge by Big R

Portable Detour Bridges

All-steel, portable bridges that can be erected quickly and easily moved to other locations.

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AIL’s Steel Bridge Decking being installed.

Steel Bridge Decking

Our 108 mm (4.25") heavy-gauge roll-formed steel bridge decking can be installed in any weather.

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