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Modular Panel Bridges


Robust, quick-build and reusable bridges for sale or rent

Available for sale or rental, Modular Panel Bridges are ready to quick ship and assemble for temporary or permanent applications. 

Ask about short- or long-term bridge rentals

  • Wide range of options available
  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Canada-wide distribution and support

Ideal for emergency bridge replacements

  • Deploy quickly anywhere
  • Easily built by local teams
  • Clear spans of up to 81 m


  • Temporary detour bridge
  • Marine Roll On / Roll Off Bridges
  • Construction Site Bridges
  • Emergency Bridge Replacements
  • Military Logistic Support Bridges
  • Floating Bridges

In partnership with AIL International Inc, our AIL Group affiliate, Algonquin Bridge, is the exclusive Canadian Distributor for the sales and rental of Mabey Modular Panel Bridges.

All Modular Panel Bridge components are hot dip-galvanized for maximum durability. They are easy to handle/assemble and completely reusable. Designs can be configured for a wide range of roadway widths up to three lanes. Driving surfaces can be either steel deck (usually epoxy-aggregate-coated for improved traction) or timber.

We distribute three Modular Panel Bridge Systems:

Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System

The Mabey Compact 200 Bridge System is the most popular pre-fabricated steel panel bridge system in the world. It is the latest development of Sir Donald Bailey’s original Bailey Bridge System that played a key part in Allied troop movements during the Second World War and in the reconstruction efforts that followed.

Mabey Universal Bridge System

The Mabey Universal Bridge system is the ‘big brother’ of the Mabey Compact 200 Bridge system. Developed in the 1970s, the Mabey Universal Bridge system uses deeper 2.25 m and 4.5 m long panels to build bridges with clear spans of up to 81 m in any multiple of 2.25 m.

Mabey Delta Bridge System

The Mabey Delta Bridge system is the latest addition to Mabey Bridge’s range of modular steel panel bridges. Developed in 2003, it uses the innovative 2.25 m long ‘Delta’ panel. Delta panels connect together and are bolted to top and bottom chord members to form the side trusses that carry the applied loads between abutments and intermediate piers. Delta trusses are provided with a positive pre-camber to counter the effects of dead load deflection.

Heavy-duty, easy to install and relocate

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