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Pedestrian/Trail Bridges

Painted Big R Modular Steel Pedestrian as a stream crossing. End view of Big R Pedestrian Bridge with  wood decking.

Lightweight and easy-to-install bridging solutions for today’s pedestrian and leisure needs.

With a large variety of designs and truss styles to pick from, our Pedestrian Bridges are the top choice for many municipalities, transportation authorities, light rail companies, golf courses, resorts, private developers, national parks and private industries.

Pedestrian Bridges can often be installed in hours, using local crews and on-hand equipment – saving you time and money in the process. From the smallest trail bridge to expansive pedways, we have your Prefabricated Bridge solutions.

Optional Features

  • Weathering, painted, hot-dip galvanized or metalized
  • Douglas Fir, Southern Yellow Pine or Ipe hardwood decking
  • Composite deck or metal grating
  • Cast-in-place concrete deck forms
  • Fiber-reinforced panels
  • Attractive railings (Horizontal rails or vertical pickets)
  • Vinyl coated chain link or powder coated mesh panels
  • Ipe hardwood rub rails
  • Galvanized steel pipe hand rails
  • Standing seam roofing
  • Architectural lighting


  • Recreational Trail
  • Highway Overpasses
  • Road and Light Rail Crossings
  • Elevated and Enclosed Walkways
  • Golf Course
  • Stream Crossings

Attractive, lightweight designs

Pedestrian/Trail Bridges are available in a variety of truss and railing styles such as Bowstring, Modified Bowstring, Full Through (Box Truss), Half-Through (H-Section), and Half-Through (Underhung).

Truss Options


Pedestrian/Trail Bridges from AIL install quickly and provide safe and efficient solutions for today’s pedestrian and recreation requirements.

Big R Pedestrian Bridge from AIL in residential development. Big R Pedestrian Bridge reaches across railyard. Big R Pedway Bridge form AIL spans 13-lane toll plaza.
Big R Trail Bridge in naturally-weathering steel, blends into park            setting. Double Bowstring Truss Pedestrian Bridge from Big R. Painted Big R Pedestrian Bridge from AIL spans waterway.
Painted Box Truss Pedestrian Bridge stretches across busy highway. Painted, Big R Modular Steel Pedestrian Bridge attaches to tower. Ski-n ski-out            trail bridge blends in with in mountain resort.
Triple            Bowstring Truss Pedestrian Bridge


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