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Signature Bridges

We’ll bring your vision to life.
Our engineering teams have translated many unique designs into reality over the years and we can create something you will be proud of for generations to come.
Whether you are a municipal leader with a napkin sketch or a town planner with a conceptual drawing, we can help you bring your vision to life with a Signature Bridge. We’ll combine your inspiration and passion with our engineering talent and streamlined process to create a distinctive and affordable solution.

What is a Signature Bridge?

Signature Bridges

  • Make a bold, architectural statement
  • Preserve the heritage of a community and leave a lasting legacy
  • Become a focal point for citizens
  • Break existing paradigms – the bridge as art
  • Combine beauty and functionality

Why bring your Signature Bridge concept to us?

  • Experience: Over 40 years of experience, over 10,000 installations, and produce more than 300 bridges a year.
  • Expertise: A strong engineering team and several bridge solution professionals to serve you.
  • Manufacturing capability: The facilities to supply large, complex projects that smaller fabricators can’t handle.