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Prefabricated Bridges

Vehicular Modular Bridges


Custom bridging solutions for permanent or temporary applications

Our Vehicular Modular Bridges ship and install quickly on any foundation type and without the need for poured concrete or specialized bridge construction companies.

are pre-engineered and pre-fabricated in the controlled environment of our CWB and AISC certified facility. Add value to your bridge project by packaging it with our Vist-A-Wall™ or Bolt-A-Bin® abutment systems.


  • Permanent or temporary applications
  • Spans up to 73 m (240'), most economical between 40 m (130') and 73 m (240')
  • Widths up to 11 m (36')
  • 2.4 m (8') wide modules are typical
  • 10.7 cm (4.25") corrugated steel deck is standard
  • Decking options - poured or precast concrete, asphalt, grating, wood or gravel
  • Weathering, Galvanized or Painted Steel
  • Bearing plates and pads
  • Curb or rail system
  • Excellent fish passage solutions
  • Sidewalks and utility corridors can be added to enhance use


  • Strong: able to withstand heavy-duty loading
  • No waiting for concrete to cure
  • Easy installation, even in rugged terrain
  • Shorter road closure times
  • Use local contractors or your own crew
  • Shorter bridges can be installed with excavators or wheel loader


  • Stream Crossings
  • Road or Rail Overpasses
  • Detour Bridges


Typical Modular Bridge Section

Modular sections are usually about 2.4 m (8') wide for shipping on standard trailers. Lengths can reach up to to 24.3 m (80'). Custom lengths and widths are easily accommodated.



Offering a complete range of bridging solutions.


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