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Spiral Seam Duct

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AIL produces a full line of lock-type Spiral Seam Duct to meet the most demanding needs of air conditioning, fume exhaust, ventilation, and other applications.

SAVE TIME. SAVE MONEY. Specify AIL’s Spiral Seam Duct for your next project. Spiral Seam Duct combines the proven strength of corrugated metal pipe with the flow capacity of a smooth inner wall. Look into the many benefits of using Spiral Seam Duct from AIL:

  • Economical, strong, lightweight and easy to install
  • Variety of sizes, thicknesses, materials and finishes
  • Strong leak-proof seams
  • Smooth interior surface for superior air flow
  • Long design service life expectancies
  • Fast manufacturing and delivery
  • Manufactured to SMACNA and ASHRAE specifications

Consider the many advantages of AIL’s Spiral Seam Duct

Cost Efficiency

For low, medium, or high velocity cooling and ventilating systems, AIL’s Spiral Seam Duct offers a triple combination of price, performance, and ease of installation that ensures superior results and bottom-line savings.


Where architectural specifications demand, AIL can produce Spiral Seam Duct with a G60 galvanized satin coat finish, which is ideally suited for painting after installation.


AIL’s Spiral Seam Duct is typically made of steel with a galvanized or satin coat finish, both of which will provide a long, trouble-free service life. However, where environmental conditions are severe due to humidity, corrosive fumes, etc., Spiral Seam Duct can also be made of aluminum, stainless steel or PVC-coated steel.

Superior Performance

Spiral Seam Duct provides superior performance while minimizing energy costs. Strong, leak-proof seams, a round profile, and a smooth interior help make it the product of choice for moving large volumes of air rapidly and without turbulence.

Quality Standards

To ensure delivery of a consistently high quality product, AIL manufactures Spiral Seam Duct according to SMACNA and ASHRAE specifications. It is available in diameters from 100 mm (4") to 1.5240 m (60"). It is normally produced in standard 3 m (10') sections, but shorter or longer lengths can also be supplied. See table below for details.

Quick Delivery

To accommodate production on demand, AIL maintains an inventory of commercially-galvanized G90 steel in various thicknesses at its centrally-located facility in Dorchester, New Brunswick. Protective temporary shipping caps are available on request.

Other Applications

Although the primary function of AIL’s Spiral Seam Duct is for air systems, with the added strength and rigidity of the corrugations it can also be used as a concrete void form.

Spiral Seam Duct Table

AIL manufactures Spiral Seam Duct according to SMACNA and ASHRAE specifications, ensuring delivery of a consistently high quality product.

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