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Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions for Structural Plate Bridges and Culverts


Accelerate your projects.  


Smaller bridge, stream crossing and culvert projects are faster and more economical with AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions. We’ve bundled the most popular AIL Structural Plate shapes and sizes with all the precast components needed to complete your project—MSE Headwalls and Wingwalls, Coping, Collars, Footings, Leveling Pads and more—all in inventory and ready to quick-ship to your site. See our 7-step ordering process »

No waiting for concrete forming and curing

AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions are fully-integrated with all components designed to install quickly and easily with local crews and equipment.


Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions offer:

  • Single-source convenience, reduced management time
  • „Faster shipping and installation with light/medium hoisting equipment and local labour
  • „Standard-sized Arches, Box Culverts and Rounds
  • „Integrated Walls, Coping, Collars, Footings and Leveling Pads
  • „Fully-stamped structural design in compliance with highway design codes
  • „On-site construction/installation support

Precast components save time and money

The precast concrete components in AIL’s Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions are ready to ship with each plate structure and provide many key benefits:

  • „Quick and easy to install with local crews
  • „No down time for forming or curing
  • „Can install in poor weather conditions
  • „No concrete leaching risk to the environment
  • „Complete with lifting hardware and handling instructions
  • „Better QA/QC with certified CSA plant casting
Choosing the right plate...

Choose the best material for your project’s needs—Super•Cor or Bolt-A-Plate in galvanized or Best•Kote polymer-coated steel (+75 Year Design Service Life) or Dur•A•Span in solid aluminum. AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions are available as Arches, Box Culverts or Rounds in a variety of convenient sizes. 

Choose the size that best suits the hydraulic, live load, height of cover and soil chemistry requirements of your particular application. Professional site assessment is needed for potential hydraulic and frost impact on the structure. 

See our "How To Order" guidelines and Design Assumptions »

Several Standard Plate Sizes Available
Structural Plate Sizes

Arches: spans up to 4.2 m

Standard Arches are well suited to a wide number of applications. They offer low clearances and wide-mouthed waterway openings for an optimum combination of strength and hydraulics.
In Galvanized Steel, Polymer-Coated Steel, Aluminum



Box Culverts: spans up to 7 m

Box Culverts are ideal when a very low structure is needed with a maximum waterway opening. They are ideal for short span bridge replacements, culverts and stream enclosures.
In Galvanized Steel, Polymer-Coated Steel



Rounds: diameters up to 4.2 m

Rounds function well in many applications, but are especially well suited to high cover projects. They are chosen for culverts, storm sewers, tunnels and stream enclosures.
In Galvanized Steel, Polymer-Coated Steel, Aluminum

Precast MSE Headwall and Wingwall Sections

Our Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems are available in AIL Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions as ready-to-place Headwall and Wingwall sections, designed to fit each structure’s shape and size. The wall sections feature the versatile Grid-Strip Soil Reinforcement System and a graffiti-resistant Fractured Fin texture. 

See gallery for details on „Integrated Walls, Coping, Collars, Footings and Leveling Pads.

Pre-engineered components accelerate your projects.
Structural Plate Sizes  Precast MSE Walls Precast Coping 

Structural Plate Sizes

Pre-Engineered Packaged Solutions feature a variety of ready-to-ship shapes and sizes in galvanized steel, polymer coated steel or aluminum plate.

Precast MSE Walls

Precast Panel Headwalls and Wingwalls, complete with the Grid-Strip Soil Reinforcement System, correspond with each Structural Plate size and shape.

Precast Coping

Precast Coping sections are available to bolt in place with supplied hardware.
Precast Footings  Precast Leveling Pads  Precast Collars 

Precast Footings

Precast Footing Sections with integrated receiving channels and vertical keyways help expedite the Structural Plate installation process.

Precast Leveling Pads

Precast Leveling Pads are also available for use under the Headwalls and Wingwalls.

Precast Collars

Reinforced Precast Collar Sections can be bolted to structures and Headwalls with supplied connection brackets.

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