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THE EDGE Super•Cor Flange Connection


Revolutionizing structural plate construction methods and application ranges.

THE EDGE Super•Cor Flange Connection is the latest innovation from AIL’s research and development teams. THE EDGE allows for better fitting/assembly of plates and construction can be completed from one side, allowing bridge, tunnel or structural shaft liners to be built entirely from the inside.



  • „10 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional steel liner plate
  • Diameters in excess of 25 m/82 ft
  • Custom sizes and shapes available
  • Fabricated elbows
  • Easy to ship install
  • Accelerated assembly, easier fitting of plates
  • Smaller crews needed, lower installed costs
  • Added safety, structures can be built from one side
  • Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical)
  • Allow for leak-resistant structures
  • Ideal for remote sites
  • Lower cost tank storage option
  • Structures can be dismantled and removed
  • "THE EDGE" is available on our industry proven Super•Cor Structural Steel Plate

Four-Flange Structural Liner lends itself to a variety of applications:


  • Mine Shafts, Vent Raises, Escape-Ways
  • Portals and Canopies
  • Ground Support Structures
  • Relining of Existing Structures
  • Road or Rail Underpasses
  • Heavy Haul Road Arches
  • Stockpile Tunnels
  • Storage Structures
  • Protection Structures


  • Tunnels
  • Vertical Shafts for CSO and Commuter Rail Projects
  • Rail and Road Underpasses
  • Relines of Existing Structures
  • Ground Support and Control
  • Protection Structures
  • Storage Structures
  • Water Intake Structures
  • Bridges
  • Grade Separations

Saves time and money in assembly
  • More accurate as-built shape
  • Easier and faster install
  • Smaller crews
  • Lower installed cost
Facilitates curved structures (horizontal and vertical)
  • Extends application range
  • Eliminates mitered connections for some applications
Allows for leak-resistant structures
  • Gasket installed between flanges allows for leak-resistant construction
  • Lower cost tank storage construction
  • Can be moved and re-used
Provides added strength to plate structures
  • Can reduce the need for reinforcement ribs, etc.

Four-Flange Structural Liner provides added strength to plate products.

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Learn more about Super•Cor

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Learn more about THE EDGE Super•Cor Flange Connection

» Download the brochure
Twin arches made from AIL Super-Cor in heavy haul train crossing.

Super•Cor overpasses built in 120 days.

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