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Retaining Walls and Abutments

Fast, flexible and economical embankment solutions.

Save time and money on your next embankment project with Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems™ from AIL. These historically-proven, cost-effective systems have minimal equipment and labour requirements and are very fast and easy to install. They adapt well to curves, angles and steps, and some can reach heights of over 30 m (100'). Look into a retaining wall solution from AIL and see how quality and value are stacked in your favour.

AIL Vist-A-Wall, Wire Walls, support mountain highway.

Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls

Quick and easy to erect with a variety of finish options for temporary or permanent applications.

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AIL Vist-A-Walls, Precast Panel Walls, in grade separation project.

Vist-A-Wall Precast Panel Walls

Smooth or textured finish, this system is effective for a wide variety of architectural treatments.

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GS-gallery2(1)Reinforcement Options

Reduce installation times with efficient reinforcement solutions from Vist-A-Wall,  including: Wire Mesh and Grid-Strip.

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Integrated Structure-Mounted Solutions

AIL Sound Walls can easily be integrated with other structures such as Vist-A-Walls and traffic barriers.

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Durable and cost-effective cellular bin-type retaining wall system.

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AIL Steel Sheet Piling shown in waterfront application.
Steel Sheet Piling

Stronger and easier to drive – quickly and affordably

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AIL Welded Wire Gabion baskets being machine filled.

Rigid, lightweight, galvanized steel mesh holds the alignment of the face and ensures ease of installation.

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