Retaining Walls and Abutments


AIL Welded Wire Gabions being machine filled.
AIL Welded Wire Gabions on mine site.

Quick installation saves time and money.

AIL’s welded wire Gabions are made from rigid, lightweight, galvanized steel mesh. Since Gabions are machine fillable, installation is easy.


  • Safety Barriers
  • Steepened Slopes
  • Erosion Control


  • Strong and lightweight galvanized steel welded 83 mm wire mesh that holds face alignment with machine filling
  • Pre-assembled units fastened with galvanized steel spirals
  • No field flattening, folding or bending
  • Standard units of up to 6 m x 2 m x 1 m
  • Can be field cut without losing strength

Gabions are manufactured from a strong and lightweight galvanized mesh.

Gabion  retaining wall under construction
Gabion  retaining wall under construction
Gabion winter shot
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