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Marshes Golf Course is located in the middle of Kanata Research Park, often referred to as Silicone Valley North. The golf course is integrated into the research park, crossing existing roadways and even a rail line. As part of the civil design, Nova Tech Engineering Consultants looked at various road crossing options.

Super•Cor Arch provides golf cart and equipment access to golf course.

AIL's Super•Cor Arch was chosen as a cost effective structure to allow for the passage of golf carts and maintenance equipment under a major four-lane road, in two locations, as well as under a two-lane road.

Cost-effective with natural stone finish.

Kanata is built mostly on rock, and with a lot of cap rock from blasting operations, armor stone has become dominant in much of the landscape. With this in mind, AIL provided short headwalls of corrugated galvanized steel to be finished off with armor stone wingwalls, matching the topography of the culvert entrances.The Super•Cor Arches add charm matched with unobtrusive utility to a renowned golf course – one that was selected for the 2010 Ryder Cup.

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Owner Terence Matthews, co-founder of Mitel Corporation in 1972, styled the Marshes Golf Course after his Celtic Manor Resort in Wales. The Super•Cor Arches add to the appeal of this renowned course.
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