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Super•Cor Arch gets busy Toronto street back to peak flow quickly.

Washed out culvert on Toronto’s Finch Avenue. AIL’s Super•Cor Arch supports high traffic Toronto street.

When torrential rains hit in August of 2005, one of downtown Toronto’s busiest streets was washed out. Black Creek flooded and took with it a large section of Finch Avenue. This was a debilitating blow to a high traffic zone for commuters, buses and pedestrians. Immediate action was needed and AIL was ready.

A quick solution was imperative.

AIL joined with engineering consultants McCormick Rankin Corporation (MRC), City of Toronto and Dufferin Construction to develop a solution that would rehabilitate a busy arterial road. The accuracy of the design would be key to getting the project finished as fast as possible. “With AIL’s assistance, MRC was able to provide, at an early stage, a conceptual design that did not deviate significantly from the finished product,” says Doug Dixon, Manager of Structural Engineering with MRC.

Design incorporated suspended gas main, too.

Yet, a major challenge faced AIL’s design team. An existing high-pressure natural gas main spanned the entire washout area and needed to be left in place during construction. The design had to accommodate this line, as well as have at least a 50 m2 end area that would improve water flow. An open bottomed structure needed to be delivered quickly and assembled in modules that would fit around existing utilities. AIL’s Super•Cor Arch fit the bill. The 42-metre frame matched all of the site specifications and its components were readily accessible at a nearby AIL facility. It was the ideal engineering solution.

The AIL difference.

AIL played a significant role rebuilding Finch Avenue. Not only did they offer manufacturing support, but AIL technical representatives also provided assistance on the material selection and were on-site every day of construction. AIL trained crews on optimum assembly and worked extensively to make sure the project was completed quickly, allowing Torontonians to resume their daily commutes through this busy section of their city.

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Super•Cor open-bottomed structure was delivered quickly and assembled in modules fit around existing utilities.


Span: 11.500 m

Rise: 6.135 m

Length: 41.148
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