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Wagon trail mural precast into Texas retaining walls.

Custom mural on precast panels of retaining wall.
AIL’s Precast Walls with custom mural design.

AIL Group’s T&B Structural Systems was pleased to have been selected as a project partner on an innovative MSE retaining wall project with a precast mural honoring the heritage of Comanche County, Texas. The historically-proven, cost-effective Vist•A•Wall MSE walls support two approach ramps on a US 67 overpass, as part of a Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) upgrade.

The aesthetic requirements for the project specified a continuous, low-relief, three-dimensional mural to be cast into the panels. The creative design for the mural featured a wagon trail landscape image with trees, Comanche Indians on horseback, a settlers’ cabin and a covered wagon.

TxDOT provided the Autocad file of the mural, which was then overlaid with AIL Group’s wall design. Each mural panel had to be individually detailed and numbered to make the complete mural. The panel detail was then plotted out on full-size paper. The full-size plot was used to fabricate hardwood cut-outs of the mural image. The cut-outs were then placed over the Fractured Fin form liner bases to produce the negative smooth areas that helped achieve the desired mural design effect.

Vist•A•Walls have favourable equipment and labour requirements and are fast and easy to install, making them a favourite with contractors across North America.

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Scope: Precast Panel Walls

Area:16,903 m2 (55,456 sq. ft.)

Finish: Fractured Fin and customized mural panels

General Contractor:Prater Equipment Company

Bridge and Wall Sub-Contractor: Ellis-McGinnis Construction Company


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