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Jacksonville interchange settles on two different AIL Wall Systems

The Wire            Wall is constructed first in AIL’s Two-Stage Precast Walls. Precast Panel Walls under construction.

Two different types of AIL Stabilized Earth Walls, with the same Precast Panels, were used in an interchange project to accommodate two different settlement ranges. Located just north of Jacksonville, FL, where the I-95 and the I-295 intersect, the project has improved the traffic flow between the Interstates and State Routes 9 and 9A.

The Jacksonville interchange project included a precast, box-beam, fly-over bridge and four MSE wall structures supporting the approach ramps of the new bridge. The Florida Department of Transportation specified conventional Precast Panel Walls on the west side of the I-95 and Two-Stage Precast Walls on the east side where a larger settlement (> 6") was anticipated.

Two-Stage Precast Walls designed for significant settlement and aesthetics.

Two-Stage Precast Walls provide strong advantages where poor foundations or soft soils and significant settlements are anticipated, but where the aesthetics of precast panels are desired.

In stage one, the Wire Wall is constructed first (in this case with additional soil surcharge loading) and remains untouched until the target settlements are reached, usually six months or at the discretion of the project's Engineer of Record. The flexible permanent wire facing readily permits settlement without compromising the final finished wall's alignment.

In the second stage, the precast panels are erected on their own levelling pad, positioned approximately 18 inches away from the Wire Wall face and attached by a system of adjustable hooks and turnbuckles. The void in this case has been filled with granular material and hydraulically compacted.

The completed walls for each ramp looked identical when completed, with the same 5'x5' panels in Fractured Fin texture (totalling 65,000 sq. ft. ). The simple square panel shape provides a high tolerance for potential wall settlements, and the Fractured Fin finish is an aesthetically-appealing, natural and deep texture that discourages graffiti vandalism.

Despite the difficult nature of the project, the final walls exceeded the expectations of all parties involved.

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Scope: 4 MSE Wall Structures

Area: 65,000 sq. ft.

Finish: Fractured Fin

Project Owner:Florida Department of Transportation

Project CEI: Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc.

Engineer of Record: Parson Brinckerhoff

General Contractor: Superior Construction Company, Inc.

Wall Contractor: Bonn-J Contracting Inc.

Vist-A-Walls MSE Structural Wall Systems brochure cover.

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