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AIL products flex muscles in key bridge replacement

ALT: Super•Cor Box Culvert on Alaska Highway.A Super•Cor Box Culvert was installed for its strength, wider mouth opening, and ability to make the wide span over Stringer Creek, located at kilometre 638.7 on the Alaska Highway, about 5 km south of Toad River. MSE Structural Walls with Precast Panels accompanied the steel structure that supports the main highway with a CL-625-ONT loading. The design life was 80 years.

The associated MSE wing walls featured precast concrete panels. Cast-in-place work consisted of the footings, headwalls, coping, collar over the structure, splash wall inside the structure, and cast on top of the footings inside. The highway was realigned onto the new crossing, then the existing String Creek Bridge was demolished.

Added protection designed in by AIL.

The splash wall is a unique feature. It was added because Stringer Creek moves a huge amount of water in big rain events and during snow-melt. The water typically carries large boulders, so the owner wanted the inside of the structure armoured with the concrete wall. The concrete visible in the picture is actually the top half of the splash wall, not the footings, which are buried.

Quick to install.

Typical of AIL solutions, the structure took approximately 3 1/2 days to erect and torque, with locally available crews and equipment.

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Scope: Super•Cor Box Culvert

Inside span: 8.664 m

Inside rise: 3.138 m

Length: 197 m

Cover range: 757 mm to 972 mm (including asphaltic concrete pavement overlay with a depth of 100 mm)

Scope also included MSE Structural Walls with Precast Panels.

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