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Large span and driver safety major factors in choosing Super•Cor

Constructing Super•Cor Arch in Cobequid Pass, NS.Span requirement was a major factor in choosing Super•Cor for an overpass project on the Trans Canada Highway 104 in Colchester County, NS. With a span of 15.9 m, it is now the largest unreinforced arch in Canada.

Three times stronger than conventional structural plate.

The large span and lack of reinforcement is not a problem with Super•Cor, which is 300% stronger than conventional structural plate products and has a larger corrugation profile, ensuring 10 times the stiffness with only a 13% increase in weight. And that’s one of the main reasons why Ted Brumfitt of Giffels Engineering chose it.

Keeping drivers safer with an insulated road surface.

As every road engineer knows, and many motorists have discovered to their peril, bridges freeze before roads.

“Safety was another determining factor in choosing Super•Cor. The earth used in constructing a Super•Cor Arch reduces the possibility of early freeze-up by insulating the road surface. On a busy stretch of highway like this, driver safety is a major concern,” Says Wade Abbot, AIL Technical Representative.

Fast, trouble-free construction for busy route.

Linking much of Colchester County and Southeastern New Brunswick with the town of Truro, this section of the Trans Canada is well travelled and construction delays must be short. That’s just one more way Super•Cor fits the bill. Fast, trouble-free construction ensures that any inconvenience to motorists is kept to the absolute minimum.

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