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Permanent and temporary walls figure in Florida I-75 interchange

AIL’s temporary and permanent Precast Panel Walls cover 110,000 sq. ft.
Precast Panel Walls finished in Fractured Fin.

This Florida Department of Transportation project has improved the interchange at Interstate 75 and County Road 54 (near Tampa) to accommodate road and highway widening. The project’s phasing is being facilitated by six permanent AIL Group MSE Precast Panel Walls combined with eight temporary Welded Wire Walls.

The permanent Precast Panel Walls cover a total area of 33,528 m2 (110,000 sq. ft.) and are finished with 1.5 m2 (5 ft. sq.) panels in an appealing Fractured Fin form liner finish. The deep texture of the finish helps to moderate tonal variations inherent in concrete to give a more uniform look throughout the wall, and its deep texture discourages graffiti vandalism.

Excellent settlement tolerance with use of five-foot square panels.

The use of 1.5 m2 (5 ft. sq.) panels, with continuous joins every 1.5 m (5'), offers several advantages over other geometric shapes, including simplistic manufacturing, efficient installation, and tolerance for anticipated settlements. The settlement tolerance is especially important in situations where flexible MSE walls approach and surround pile-supported bridge abutments.

Because of their short-term use as interim measures in the construction phasing, the temporary wire face walls were made of black welded wire steel instead of galvanized. A total surface area of 27,432 m2 (90,000 sq. ft.) was required.

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Scope: 6 Permanent Precast Panel Walls

Area: 33,528 m2 (110,000 sq. ft.)

Finish: Fractured Fin

Scope: 8 Temporary Welded Wire Walls

Area: 27,432 m2 (90,000 sq. ft.)

Finish: Black Welded Wire Steel

Project General Contractor: The Lane Construction Corporation

Project Engineer of Record: PBS&J

Project Owner: Florida Department of Transportation
Vist-A-Walls MSE Structural Wall Systems brochure cover.

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