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Dur•A•Span makes 30 km access road accessible for all concerned

Corrosion-resistant Dur•A•Span pipe used in stream crossingWhen faced with the challenge of designing a 30-kilometre access road to connect the town of St. Lewis with the Trans Labrador Highway, Newfoundland & Labrador’s Department of Transportation had numerous obstacles to overcome. In the first kilometre outside the town, the road needed to go right through the salt water of Fox Harbour. Since the harbour is sensitive to the Atlantic salmon, a stream crossing structure was needed for the channel part of the harbour to allow the salmon to travel upstream for spawning during the summer months.

Corrosion-resistance a big plus.

Paul Whittle, the design engineer for the Department of Transportation, decided to use a 5.0 m diameter Dur•A•Span pipe for this application. The Dur•A•Span pipe takes care of a number of challenges that face all applications of saltwater installations, including corrosion.

Dur•A•Span installed within a few days.

Bonne Bay Contractors of Rocky Harbour, NL was awarded the contract to build the St. Lewis access road, and in the summer of 2000, the Dur•A•Span Aluminum Structural Plate Pipe was installed in the dry site, within a few days of assembly. With little time to spare, Gerald Budgen, President of Bonne Bay Contractors, focused all of his resources on backfilling both sides of the Dur•A•Span pipe. By the next day, the pipe was completely backfilled prior to the tide rising.

Today, the local residents, tourists and marine life continue to enjoy access to Fox Harbour.

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Dur•A•Span helped Newfoundland and Labrador’s Department of Transportation overcome numerous obstacles, including a corrosion-resistant saltwater stream crossing.
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