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AIL’s wildlife crossings making Banff highways safer

Super•Cor Arches and Vist-A-Walls in Banff wildlife crossing. Super•Cor High Profile Arches in Banff wildlife crossing.

AIL helped design and manufacture wildlife overpasses for the Trans Canada Highway twinning project in Banff National Park. Two large structures were erected using our Super•Cor High Profile Arches and Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall System with Precast Concrete Panels. These improvements are maximizing motorist safety, reducing highway wildlife mortality and habitat fragmentation, and improving the flow of goods and services along this busy Bow Valley corridor.

Leading the pack in efficient wildlife crossing solutions.

Banff is a world leader in wildlife crossings with wildlife-vehicle collisions being reduced by more than 80% and, for elk and deer alone, by more than 96%. No other location in the world has as many and varied types of wildlife crossings.

With a successful project pedigree spanning over 40 years and a few continents, AIL is becoming known as a world leader in the design and manufacture of efficient wildlife crossing solutions. AIL is proud to have partnered with a world-leading authority like Banff on such a high-profile project.

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Wildlife crossings in Banff have reduced animal-vehicle collisions by more than 80%, and by more than 96% for deer and elk alone.

Our products are environmentally-friendly

Our products are environmentally-friendly

Make smaller footprints with environmentally-friendly infrastructure solutions from AIL.

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