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Stream crossing bends with meandering creek to save substantial time, money and environmental impact

Bolt-A-Plate Structural Plate bends with creek. Bolt-A-Plate  has 7 elbows to follow path of creek.

AIL’s Big R Bridge recently completed a contract to manufacture a 128 m (420') Bolt-A-Plate bottomless crossing which included seven elbows to follow the path of a winding creek under a major new road in Canton, GA.

By staying outside of the creek banks and not disturbing the waterway, we were able to save the owner thousands of dollars in construction costs and environmental impact fees over a traditional bridge and concrete structure.

A strong and economical alternative to elaborate bridge replacement.

Commerce Boulevard is a new road serving a commercial area, a hospital and a future residential area. The four-lane parkway with sidewalks has a 12.2 m (40') cover depth, which added to the culvert length requirements. The structure had a span of 6.1 m (20') and a rise of 3 m (10') with 2:1 bevelled-ends.

The project was completed in 6 ½ weeks, with 4 weeks for rock excavation and forming/pouring of approximately 382 m3 (500 yd3) of concrete. We prefabricated the elbows at our plant, allowing the contractor to assemble the entire structure in only 1 ½ weeks. The final week was for the engineered backfill zone.

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Save thousands of dollars in construction costs and environmental impact fees with Bolt-A-Plate bottomless stream crossing.
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