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25 MSE Structural Walls for Edmonton mega-project

Detail of MSE Precast Panel Walls in Edmonton interchange            project.
Precast Panel Walls in Edmonton interchange project.

When the City of Edmonton decided to undertake a major interchange project at the site of its busiest intersection – 23rd Avenue at Gateway Boulevard, serving over 100,000 vehicles a day – time and money were of the essence. AIL was awarded the contract to supply 25 Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems to be constructed over a 14-month period. The walls were used primarily in fill applications to elevate 23rd Avenue and convert the level, signalled intersection into a split diamond interchange. The $260-million-plus, four-year effort also included five bridges; roadway, railway and drainage construction; and the re-alignment of major oil and gas pipelines.

Meeting unique challenges such as a high coulomb requirement.

Our in-house engineering and technical teams worked closely with the general contractor and consultant to address some unique challenges. The most significant was in developing a concrete mix for the precast panels that would meet the project’s high coulomb requirement. The mix design involved a specialized high-performance concrete that had a very low permeability. We also created custom slope-topped design for the panels and custom extended soil reinforcement bar mat lengths for the abutment walls.

The 23rd Avenue Interchange Project represents one of Canada’s more significant infrastructure upgrades and AIL is proud to have been selected as a project partner.

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The City’s busiest intersection serves over 100,000 vehicles every day.


Scope: 25 Vist-A-Wall Precast Panel Walls

Area: 18,116 m2

Clay fill: 500,000 m3

Granular fill: 250,000 m3

Finish: Smooth, paint-ready

Prime Consultant/Designer: ISL Engineering and Land Services

Lead Contractor: Peter Kiewit Sons Co.

Learn more at: www.23avenue.com

Vist-A-Walls MSE Structural Wall Systems brochure cover.

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