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Temporary and permanent walls make the most of a tight spot

Traffic flows as temporary Vist-A-Walls™ support bridge and embankment Kicking Horse Canyon Haul            Road Overpass

Kicking Horse Canyon on the Trans Canada Highway from Golden, BC, to Lake Louise, BC, is one of Canada’s most breathtaking mountain passes and the primary transportation link to the west coast. A major infrastructure project upgraded this section of highway and created a new bridge. Both temporary and permanent retaining walls were needed to complete the project. Price and demonstrated industry expertise and leadership were major factors in AIL being selected for this portion of project.

AIL professionals were involved in pre-construction meetings and site assistance. Due to the extreme mountainside sites, a global stability review by a geotechnical engineer was required to ensure that the wall locations could withstand seismic activity and were safe for wall installation.

Permanent Wire Walls support road bed in tight spot.
Permanent Precast Panel Walls help road take shape.

Due to the restricted space in the mountainous terrain, the project also included large Temporary Wire Walls to support a construction bridge and retain a large embankment while the new highway and bridge were being built. Lower cost and more simple to erect, Temporary Wire Walls use non-galvanized black steel and filter fabric at the face. Instead of being torn down, these walls were simply graded over during highway completion to further reduce project costs.

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Scope: 8 Vist-A-Walls

Temporary Precast Panel Walls and Permanent Wire Walls

Area: 4,700 m2

Finish on concrete: Vertical grave stake

Owner: BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Contractor: Flatiron Construction Corp.

Consultant: Delcan
Vist-A-Walls MSE Structural Wall Systems brochure cover.

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