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Ideal for remote locations, AIL's efficient infrastructure solutions are used in many types of mine site applications.

Mine dump truck on heavy haul road stream crossing.

Heavy Haul Road Arches

With their light weight and superior strength, our patented Structural Steel Plate Products are a natural choice for heavy haul road arches. Choose Ultra•Cor – the world's strongest structural plate – and Super•Cor for large structures, and Bolt-A-Plate for medium-sized structures. Both are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including bottomless, fish-friendly arches.


Road or Rail Underpasses

Specify Ultra•Cor, the world's strongest structural plate, Super·Cor or Bolt-A-Plate, according to the size, specifications and load factors of your application. Both are virtually maintenance-free with leading design service life expectancies. To help keep your operation running smoothly, we specialize in working with your teams to limit or eliminate critical traffic interruptions and environmental site impacts. 


Crusher Ramps and Retaining Walls

Perfect for remote locations with available fill material, these structures are easily created using our Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems. Made from heavy-duty galvanized wire, these interlocking wall and mat systems provide easy, on-site construction solutions without the need for time-consuming concrete. These systems are also ideal for bridge or tunnel headwalls and wingwalls. 



Specify Ultra•Cor or Super·Cor for larger scale applications and Bolt-A-Plate for mid-size ones. Both offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit virtually any site or mine vehicle requirement. Your AIL Technical Sales Representative can help you select the best solution for your needs. 


Stockpile and Escape Tunnels

Another ideal application for our Structural Plate Products is the stockpile tunnel. Depending on the planned pile height and dead load, Ultra•Cor or Super•Cor, and Bolt-A-Plate offer excellent strength and cost savings over other methods. 


Mine Shafts and Vent Raises

Super•Cor Structural Steel Plate with the Flange Connection is ideal for creating underground structures such as mine shafts or ventilation raises. The Super•Cor Flange Connection is faster and more economical than continuous smooth steel or concrete alternatives. The resulting structures are strong, versatile and safer, because they can be assembled from the inside. 


Ground Support Structures

The Super•Cor Flange Connection provides a safe and cost-effective addition for ground support in hazardous areas. Components transport easily to remote sites, where they can be assembled quickly and safely from the inside. Structures can be completely assembled and moved into an area of unsupported ground, or they can be assembled and advanced one section at a time. For added strength and support, grout can be pumped into the voids through optional ports. 



Fast and easy, our Prefabricated Steel Bridges come in a variety of widths and spans to handle heavy mining vehicles. Ideal for permanent or temporary applications, these bridges ship and install quickly in remote sites without the need for specialized bridge construction companies. 



Our Vist-A-Wall MSE Structural Wall Systems and Bolt-A-Bin System create cost-effective on-site abutments and walls. Bolt-A-Bin is a cellular bin-type of retaining wall system available in a variety of sizes for vertical or battered applications. 


Drainage, Ventilation and Utilidor Systems

We offer a full range of Galvanized, Aluminized Type 2 or Polymer-Laminated Corrugated Steel Pipe for virtually any drainage, ventilation or utilidor requirement. In addition, we can supply all of the necessary elbows, couplings and access port accessories. 


Conveyor Tunnels and Overcasts

Our products have covered a lot of ground on these critical arterial applications. According to the required size and specifications, overcasts and conveyor tunnels can be made from various shape profiles in Bolt-A-Plate or Corrugated Steel Pipe. In some cases, overcasts can incorporate utilidor-type passages to serve double duty. 


Stream Crossings

Depending on the size and nature of the crossing, we offer a variety of solutions in Ultra•Cor, Super•Cor, Bolt-A-Plate or Dur•A•Span Structural Plate. Corrosion/abrasion-resistant Dur•A•Span Structural Aluminum Plate is particularly well-suited to saltwater or aggressive environments. Open-bottom designs and our Prefabricated Steel Bridges are effective, environmentally-friendly solutions to preserve habitat. 


Geotextile Reinforced Soil Bridges (GRS)

AIL’s GRS Bridges use steel anchor rods to connect our structural plate arches to the backfill/geotextile composite and transfer the loads into the surrounding GRS mass. This innovation brings a wide array of benefits and resource road operators are taking notice. For more information, e-mail or call Phil Carroll at 1-604-818-1507. 



Specify Bolt-A-Plate for larger and mid-size applications and Corrugated Steel Pipe for smaller ones. Dur•A•Span is ideal for coastal or soft water environments and other highly-corrosive applications. Each product offers a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit many different requirements.  


Protection Structures 

AIL’s structural steel plate protection structures provide a protective barrier from overhead debris while also safeguarding your bottom-line. Specify Super·Cor for larger applications and Bolt-A-Plate for mid-size ones.


Sound Walls

When dealing with ambient mine site noise; AIL’s sound barrier wall systems provide optimum performance. Easy-to-install, our Silent Protector (Absorptive) and Tuf-Barrier (Reflective) Sound Wall Systems are engineered for maximum noise reduction.